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Snap-It Series

Industry leading removable EVA/PE foam decking, MarineMat's patented Snap-It Series mats are unique in that they allow individual mats to be snapped into place instead of being glued. Engineered with four layers including an EVA foam layer for the top, polyester in the middle of the foam and a non-skid traction layer on the bottom, these mats are an ideal alternative to marine carpet.

  • Closed cell EVA foam

  • UV-stable for durability in harsh climates

  • Stainless steel snaps won't rust

  • Wide variety of colors and textures available

  • 3-year limited warranty

  • Easy to clean

  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant

  • Stays cooler than other surfaces in direct sunlight

  • Largest EVA sheet size, allowing for fewer seams and greater design options.

  • Customizable with logos and designs

  • Shock absorbing cushioned feel under foot

  • Great traction wet or dry, with or without shoes

MarineMat offers several thickness options. They may be a single color, or a combination of any colors laminated together. Below is a list of all thickness options and their uses.


Standard Thickness Options 

3mm Thickness

3mm (.12 in)

Stick-It series only.

Available in single color.

6mm Thickness

6mm (.24 in)

Most popular option:

Stick-It series only.

Choose any combination of two colors.

9mm Thickness

9mm (.35 in)

Stick-It or Snap-it series.

Stick-it options allow for any combination of three colors. Snap-it allows for any combination of two colors.

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